• The Dawn of a New Era

    The Dawn of a New Era

    Trillium Energy Systems is developing a new, low-cost, green technology that produces hydrogen gas (H2) from electricity, water, and a proprietary electrolyte called B9. According to third party testing the technology is safe, efficient and economical.

  • Trillium HydroPower

    Trillium HydroPower

    Trillium’s electrolysis systems efficiently produce high grade hydrogen gas. The low capital and operating cost of Trillium’s HydroPower technology delivers hydrogen at a competitive cost to conventional hydrogen production for power systems and industrial process industries. Conventional methods generate significant greenhouse gas emissions; HydroPower produces essentially zero GHG emissions.

  • Trillium HydroCharger

    Trillium HydroCharger

    The addition of hydrogen gas into the intake of diesel engines has been demonstrated to reduce emissions (up to 80%), improve mileage (up to 15%), and reduce maintenance costs by cleaning and reducing the build up of carbon deposits within the engine combustion chamber. Similar benefits can be achieved with gasoline engines. The Trillium HydroCharger(…)

  • Supplying Green Industrial Gas

    Supplying Green Industrial Gas

    Trillium offers a low-cost alternative source for hydrogen and oxygen process gas production without the business risk from growing regulatory uncertainty and the increasing costs associated with greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Off-Peak Storage

    Off-Peak Storage

    Trillium technology offers unique flexibility to produce hydrogen from renewable energy that can be advantageously reintroduced to the grid as electricity via fuel cell, or used for industrial purposes.

  • Empowering Alternate Energy

    Empowering Alternate Energy

    There are currently over 56,000 MW’s of installed wind and solar power in the US. An estimated $500 million in wholesale revenue is lost each year from curtailment of wind energy production alone. Trillium’s hydrogen production systems provide a way to economically capture and monetize this lost energy production capability.

  • Transforming the Industry

    Transforming the Industry

    Increasing renewable energy sources combined with under investment in transmission and distribution systems make it increasingly difficult to manage the electric grid. Integrated Trillium systems can be employed to provide voltage and phase control to stabilize the electric grid and manage distribution load growth.